MUARC & MPAGS Summer School "Quantum Matter: Foundations and new trends"

18/09/2011 (All day) - 22/09/2011 (All day)

MUARC & MPAGS Summer School

Quantum Matter: Foundations and new trends

18-22 September 2011. Granada, Spain

Laser cooling and the first demonstration of Bose-Einstein condensation in dilute atomic vapours have revolutionised atomic physics. The field of ultracold matter has matured and attracts an increasing number of students and young researchers. This School will feature tutorial style lectures introducing themes of broad interest in the areas of quantum gases, quantum optics and condensed matter physics from the ultracold atom perspective, providing a basis for new members of the community and deepening the knowledge of more experienced ones. Additional shorter seminar style talks will give a flavour of current trends in the field. All lectures will be given by leading scientists from around the world, but participants are strongly encouraged to present and discuss their own research, especially during a dedicated poster session. The level of the lectures will be aimed at graduate students and young postdocs. A limited number of stipends for travel and/or accommodation and participation will be available.

Invited speakers: Ehud Altman (Weizmann), Eugene Demler (Harvard), Francesca Ferlaino (Innsbruck), Juan P. Garrahan (Nottingham), Zoran Hadzibabic (Cambridge), Sebastian Hofferberth (MIT/Stuttgart), Christiane Koch (FU Berlin), Markus Oberthaler (Heidelberg), Thorsten Schumm (TU Vienna), Vlatko Vedral (Oxford/Singapore)

Organising committee: Beatriz Olmos, Peter Krüger, Lucia Hackermüller (University of Nottingham), Jesús Sánchez-Dehesa, Rosario González-Férez (University of Granada)

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