NM1: Numerical Methods 1

NM1 Module title:  Numerical Methods 1 (NM1)
Module convenors:  Dr. Frazer Pearce (Nottingham) and Dr. Mike Swift (Nottingham)
(Nottingam module code: F35AD2)

This is a module designed to introduce both a variety of numerical methods that are widely used in scientific research and good simulation technique. There will be seven lectures outlining the key ideas and techniques, and a practical project in order to gain experience at implementing one of these techniques.

  1. Introduction to scientific programming (Dr. Pearce)
  2. Collisionless methods (Dr. Pearce)
  3. Hydrodynamical methods (Dr. Pearce)
  4. Monte-Carlo Simulations (Dr. Swift)
  5. Stochastic Simulation Methods (Dr. Swift)
  6. Initial Conditions (Dr. Pearce)
  7. Simulation Technique (Dr. Pearce)
Assessment: Write a numerical routine that accurately solves Burrau's problem. A plot of the trajectories together with a discussion of the errors and a copy of your code should be emailed to Dr. Frazer Pearce (B103, CCAPT, Physics).

12/10/2007 - 11:30