MR3: Advanced Topics in Magnetic Resonance

Module title: Advanced Topics in Magnetic Resonance (MR3)

Module convenor: John Owers-Bradley (Nottingham)

Module aims:

The aim is to introduce students to more advanced applications of NMR starting with Magnetic Resonance Imaging followed by a session on the use of Dynamic Nuclear Polarisation to enhance NMR signals and ending with a session on Paramagnetism and Solid State NMR.

Learning objectives:.

To become familar with some advanced applications of NMR


Sessions 1 & 2: Basic MRI (Richard Bowtell, Nottingham)
Session 3: Hyperpolarised Gas Imaging (Thomas Meersman, Nottingham)
Session 4 & 5 : DNP/Solid State NMR (Andy Howes, Warwick)

Academic year: 
10/01/2013 - 09:00