AT6: Landmark experiments in quantum optics

Module title: Landmark experiments in quantum optics (AT6)

Module convenors: Vincent Boyer (Birmingham) and Thomas Fernholz (Nottingham)

Module aims:

The goal of this module is to illustrate concepts of quantum optics and discuss the underlying theory through a review of actual experiments. The module will provide historical perspectives on the development of our understanding of the quantum world and also link to modern achievements, where the developed ideas are put to technical use.

Learning objectives:

Becoming proficient in using mathematical tools of quantum optics; understanding the conceptual challenges imposed by quantum mechanics on our understanding of the physical world; develop a perspective on the relevent scientific community and its history; understand major divisions of the field of quantum optics and their interrelations.


  • Second order coherence functions, thermal light, laser, and single photon anti-bunching
  • Optical squeezing
  • Quantum state tomography, Wigner function, and negative probabilities
  • Cavity quantum electrodynamics and quantum state engineering
  • From Bell tests of quantum non-locality to quantum teleportation
Academic year: 
11/02/2013 - 13:00