AT3: Atom interferometry and precision measurements

Module title: Atom interferometry and precision measurements (AT3)

Module convenor: Prof. Kai Bongs (Birmingham) & Prof. P. Kruger (Nottingham)

Module aims:This module aims at providing an overview and basic training in precision measurements limited by quanutm effects with an emphasis on quantum optics and cold atoms.

Learning objectives: Understand the limitations quantum mechanics poses on measuring a quantity of interest with precision. Appreciate sources of noise, both technical and fundamental in nature. Being able to explain some types of precision measuremetns as they occur in modern research and commercial applications

Syllabus (i) Introduction to Quantum Measurements (ii) Michelson Morley Experiment (iii) Gravitational Wave detection (iv) Atom Interferometry and Optical clocks (v) GPS Satellite Navigation

90 minutes *dates TBC*
Academic year: 
14/11/2013 - 09:30