PP7: Higgs Boson physics

Module title: Higgs Boson Physics (PP7)

Module convenor: Dr. Konstantinos Nikolopoulos

Module aims and learning objectives:

To provide an introduction to the phenomenology of the Higgs boson and the relevant experimental results and techniques. Emphasis will be given to the Standard Model case, while some elements of beyond the Standard Model Higgs boson phenomenology and searches will be introduced. The prospects of Higgs boson studies and searches in future machines will be also discussed.

Specialized and intended for high energy physics students.

Mechanism of Electro-Weak Symmetry Breaking in the Standard Model;
Standard Model Higgs boson decays;
Standard Model Higgs boson production in electron-positron and hadron colliders;
Elements of Higgs boson phenomenology beyond the Standard Model;
The Global Electro-Weak fit;
Higgs Searches at LEP and TEVATRON;
Higgs boson at the LHC (Discovery and property studies);
Higgs boson studies at future accelerators

The lecture notes and the homework assignments can be found here: http://epweb2.ph.bham.ac.uk/user/nikolopoulos/LecturesHiggsBosonJan2014/
Academic year: 
07/01/2014 - 12:00