AS6: Dark matter

Module title: Dark matter (AS6)

Module convenors:

Simon Dye (Nottingham)

This series of lectures will concentrate on dark matter from an observational cosmology perspective. Starting with a brief history of dark matter, ie., the reasons for its initial postulation, the lectures will move on to consider modern-day techniques (e.g. gravitational lensing and dynamical methods) for quantifying the amount and distribution of dark matter in systems ranging from galaxies to clusters and large scale structure. Such exploits will be put into context by discussing numerical simulations of structure formation and the interplay between observational research and simulation. The lectures will also cover more direct searches for dark matter, i.e., the various experiments presently being conducted for the detection of dark matter particles. Finally, consideration will be given to alternatives to dark matter, such as modified gravity and the state of play with regard to current models.

Academic year: 
12/02/2015 - 15:00