TR1: Trigger for Particle Physics

Module title: Trigger for Particle Physics (TRI)

Module convenor: Dr. Orlando Villalobos-Baillie (Birmingham)

Module aims: To provide an introduction to the principles of triggers for high energy physics experiments, to study how triggers are implemented in LHC experiments, and to look at future directions in triggering. In addition the assumptions and methods for Van der Meer scans will be discussed.

Learning objectives:
  • Motivation for triggers in high energy physics experiments
  • Basic trigger concepts: coincidences, dead time management
  • Examples: NA57; OPAL
  • Requirements at the LHC.
  • Examples: ALICE SPD and TRD triggers: ATLAS L1 calorimeter trigger
  • Future directions in trigger development
  • Luminosity measurement with Van der Meer scans.


Lecture notes available soon

Academic year: 
14/01/2016 - 11:00