PP1: Introduction to Particle Physics

Module title: Introduction to Particle Physics (PP1)

Module convenor: Prof. Cristina Lazzeroni (Birmingham)

Module aims:To provide an introduction to Particle Physics phenomenology and recent experimental results. Specialized and intended for high energy physics students.

Learning objectives: Revise properties and classification of particles and forces; Revise relativistic kinematics, particle production and decays; Get overview of Standard Model; Revise Conservation Laws and Symmetries; Revise Angular momentum and Spin concepts, Isospin; Get familiar with concept of C, P, CP and CPT and their applications; Revise concept and application of CKM matrix

Properties and classification of particles and forces (leptons and hadrons, mesons and baryons, forces and bosons);
Relativistic kinematics (particle production and decays, cross sections and lifetimes, centre-of-mass and lab frames, invariant mass); Summary of Standard Model (Feynman diagrams, QED, QCD, Weak interactions);
Conservation laws (conserved quantum numbers and symmetries, allowed and forbidden reactions); Angular momentum and Spin (basic quantum mechanics, Clebsch-Gordon coefficients, conservation of angular momentum and spin); Isospin (combination, conservation, pion-nucleon scattering); C, P, CP, CPT (application in quark model,
neutral kaon mixing, CP violation); CKM matrix (weak decays of quarks, quark mixing, CPV in SM)


Quarks and Leptons, F.Halzen and A.D.Martin;
Detectors for particle radiation, K.Kleinknecht;
Large Hadron Collider Phenomenology, M.Kramer and F.J.P.Soler;
Particle Detectors, C.Grupen and B.Shwartz;
QCD and collider physics, R.K.Ellis and W.J.Stirling and B.R.Webber;
A modern introduction to Quantum Field Theory, M.Maggiore;
Prestigious discoveries at CERN, R.Cashmore, L.Maiani, J.P.Revol;
An introduction to relativistic processes and the Standard Model of Electroweak Interactions, C.M.Becchi and G.Ridolfi;
Handbook of accelerator physics and engineering, A.Wu Chao and M.Tigner;
Statistical methods in experimental physics, F.James;

Academic year: 
04/10/2016 - 11:00