QFT: Quantum Field Theory

Module title: Quantum Field Theory (QFT)

Module convenor: Dr Tasos Avgoustidis (Nottingham)

Module Aims:

This module will provide an introduction to Quantum Field Theory, designed to follow-on from PP2: Relativistic Quantum Mechanics. We will construct Feynman rules from first principles and use them to study elementary processes involving scalars and fermions. Our approach will be through canonical quantisation. This is an introductory course, which will not cover renormalisation. For QED and non-abelian gauge theories, see module PP3.


Lecture 1: Preliminaries (Classical) - Classical mechanics, Classical Field Theory, Symmetries and Noether currents
Lecture 2: Preliminaries (Quantum) - Canonical Quantization, Schrödinger, Heisenberg & Interaction Pictures, Harmonic Oscillator
Lectures 3-4: Free Fields - Canonical Quantization, Vacuum State, Particle States, Causality, Feynman Propagator
Lectures 5-6: Interacting Fields - S-Matrix, Wick’s Theorem, Feynman Diagrams, examples
Lecture 7: Spinors - Lorentz Group, Spinor representation
Lecture 8: Dirac Equation
Lectures 9-10: Quantization of Dirac Equation - Fermions, Feynman Rules, examples

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10 lectures, 1 hr each
Academic year: 
02/11/2016 - 12:00