EX0a: Probes of Condensed Matter (part 1)

Module title: Probes of Condensed Matter (EX0)

Module convenor: Dr. Martin Long (Birmingham)

Probes of Condensed Matter

Probes of Condensed Matter

This course is not about how to perform experiments, but is more
about how to interpret experiments. The challenging skill that is
targeted, is that of being able to pick up an experimental publication in
condensed matter physics and to be able to understand: (1) Why the
investigation was done. (2) What was learned. Although this sounds simple,
it is surprisingly difficult!

There is some initial ground-work that needs to be done before the course starts, and
this is explained in the document "overview.pdf" below that you should read before signing up
for the course

The probes will be discussed in the lectures in the order

  1. Neutron scattering (probes7.pdf)
  2. Photoemission spectroscopy (probes8.pdf)
  3. Mossbauer (probes1.pdf)
  4. Muon spectroscopy (probes2.pdf)
  5. Core-probe spectroscopy (probes5.pdf)
  6. Low energy electron diffraction(LEED) (probes6.pdf)
  7. Scanning Tunneling Microscopy(probes9.pdf)

Academic year: 
04/10/2016 - 14:00