Module convenors: How do I edit my module web page?

Instructions for incorporating material to your module page in the MPAGS website are the following:

- Log in with your MPAGS username and passwd.
- Go to "Training modules".
- Go to your module.
- If you have "Module convenor" privileges you will see an "Edit" option; choose it.
- You can now edit the content of this page: the main content goes in "Body". Below that you can specify the input format, either "Filtered HTML" or "Full HTML" (explained in detail there). (NB once you've chosen "Full HTML" it may be tricky to go back to "Filtered HTML" and have all the HTML tags correctly resolved.)
- It is very easy to transfer a static page you may already have: choose "Full HTML" and just cut-paste the whole HTML code
into the body of this page.
- You can also attach files. You may want to do this for lecture notes etc.
- When you are done, click on "Submit". (NB even after attaching a file, if you do not "Submit" it will not appear on the module page.)