AT2: Quantum Optics

Module title: Quantum Optics (AT2)

Module convenor: Vincent Boyer (Birmingham)

Module aims:

The goal of this module is to provide the basic concepts and tools required to navigate the jungle of modern quantum optics. It is an experimentalist view of the field and will therefore concentrate on developing a physical understanding and will present the basic mathematical apparel to do so.

Learning objectives:

To master the basic mathematical tools of quantum optics, and to have an idea of what the complex tools do, To understand the major divisions of the field of quantum optics and to understand how they relate to each other, To be able to extract the basic physics out of modern quantum optics experiments.


  • How to characterize light sources; application to classical and chaotic light
  • Basic quantization of light, examples of quantum light, squeezing and entanglement
  • How do we make quantum states of light: elements of nonlinear optics, interaction of light and matter
  • Quantum description of passive and active devices (beamsplitter, amplifiers, etc)
  • Putting it together: modern experiments in quantum optics
Academic year: 
04/03/2014 - 13:00