Mid-term MPAGS Workshop

06/11/2009 - 10:30 - 17:30

The first MPAGS Workshop will be held in Nottingham on Friday November 6th. Activities will include tutorials for the modules: Probes of Condensed Matter part 3 (EX0c), The physics of fluctuations (SM0), Bose-Einstein Condensation in Ultra Cold Gases (AT1), Foundations of Magnetic Resonance (MR1), Time Series Analysis (MM1), Nano/surface physics I (NS1). It is expected that all students taking these modules will attend the Workshop.

MPAGS will provide food and pay for transportation. Students at Birmingham and Warwick should consult locally regarding the transport arrangements.


Welcome & coffee (C10, main building)


AT1 tutorial, Dr. D. Gangardt (A103)
NS1 tutorial, Prof. P. Woodruff (A113-a)
MM1 tutorial, Prof. S. Chapman (A113-b)


Lunch (C10, main building)


MR1 tutorial, Dr. J. Granwehr (A103)
SM0 tutorial, Prof. J.P. Garrahan (A113-a)

Location: Rooms A103 (divided into a and b) and A113, Centre for Astronomy & Particle Physics (Cripps Building), University of Nottingham. (Room C10 is in the main Physics building.)

University of Nottingham maps and directions can be found here.