Computational Science Group (Nottingham)

10/03/2010 - 14:00 - 16:00

General Inforamtion

Convenors: Antonia Mey and Frazer Pearce (Nottingham)


Wednesdays 2pm in A1 Physics

Aims: The goal of the group is to share knowledge amongst people involved in scientific programming. Initially providing a gentle introduction to the subject (C programming, getting the best out of linux etc). It will then turn into a weekly computational seminar. In this environment people with a good knowledge of a certain aspect of scientific programming for example a specific library, numerical technique or program will be encouraged to give a talk. Mainly targeted at postgraduates the seminar provides a great platform for giving talks in an informal environment and sharing knowledge essential to their research. It will enable communication between research groups and dissemination of computational knowledge. For an inexperienced programmer the group should be a good contact point avoiding hours wasted on Google trying to find answers to a problem other people have encountered before.

Forum : For discussion join the forum, which has now been set up for this course. If you can't solve a problem post on the forum and hopefully someone will know the answer!