AT4: Spin Physics in Quantum Gases

Module title: Spin Physics in Quantum Gases (AT4)

Module convenor: Marzena Szymanska

Module aims:

The aim of this module is to provide a general introduction to quantum coherence in Fermi systems. The time will be spend equally between understanding general concepts and theoretical methods used to study equilibrium and non-equilibrium properties of quantum Fermi gases, and learning about the experimental progress mainly in the context of ultra-cold atomic gases, but also in some solid state systems.

Learning objectives:

  • To understand the theoretical concepts connected with quantum coherence in Fermi systems in general.
  • To become aware of the state-of-the-art experiments on ultra-cold Fermions.
  • To gain basic understanding of mathematical techniques used to study many-body coherence in equilibrium and non-equilibrium systems.
  • To understand open problems in the field.


Lecture 1:

Weakly interacting Fermi gases (the ideal Fermi gas, experiments on quantum degenerate Fermi gases, pairing instability).

Lecture 2:

BCS theory, BEC-BCS crossover.

Lecture 3:

Atomic interactions and Feshbach resonances. Dynamical effects in ultra-cold Fermi gases across the crossover.

Lecture 4:

BEC-BCS crossover in ultra-cold gases. Imbalanced Fermi gases.

Lecture 5:

Other systems: Fermions in optical lattices, BCS-BEC crossover in solid state (excitons, polaritons, magnons ... )
Academic year: 
17/02/2010 - 14:00