MR4: Advanced Magnetic Resonance Theory

Module title: Advanced Magnetic Resonance Theory (MR4)

Module convenor: Dr Steven Brown (Warwick)

Module aims:

Focused on PhD students carrying out magnetic resonance experiments, this module presents and then applies the quantum-mechanical framework by which the spin physics associated with advanced magnetic resonance experiments can be understood.

Learning objectives:

  1. Know how to apply the quantum-mechanical formalisms (e.g., density operator, spin Hamiltonians) used to describe magnetic resonance experiments
  2. Understand the principles of 2D magnetic resonance as applied in spectroscopy and imaging experiments
  3. Appreciate the origin of relaxation phenomena in magnetic resonance experiments


  1. Density operator theory (e.g., Liouville-von-Neumann equation, expectation value of an observable, coherence and populations)
    Lecturer: Brown (Warwick)
  2. Hamiltonians for magnetic resonance interactions (e.g., dipolar, chemical shift anisotropy, principal axes system, tensors, frame transformations)
    Lecturer: Brown (Warwick)
  3. Two-dimensional magnetic resonance experiments (coherence pathway diagrams, amplitude and phase-modulation, 2D lineshapes, sign-discrimination in F1)
    Lecturer: Brown (Warwick)
  4. Relaxation (2 lectures)
    Lecturer: Horsewill (Nottingham)
5 * 2h lectures
Academic year: 
16/02/2010 - 09:00