Dynamics Nuclear Polarisation Workshop- Unviersity of Warwick

21/10/2010 - 12:00 - 22/10/2010 - 13:00

Talks will be presented by external speakers which will include representatives from research groups and manufacturers. These will include:

- Graham Smith (St Andrews)

- Walter Kockenberger (Nottingham)

- Vasyl Denysenkov (Frankfurt)

- Jan van Bentum (Nijmegen)

- Richard Wylde (Thomas Keating, UK)

- Frank Engelke (Bruker, Germany)

Short talks will be given by members of the Warwick DNP Project group. The workshop is aimed at people who already have some experience with DNP and there will be time set aside for discussions.

It will be held at the University of Warwick in the Magnetic Resonance Centre and in Arden House. Registration, accommodation, both lunches and the evening meal will be free. The number of attendees is therefore limited so we would appreciate a quick response so that others can be invited if you are unable to attend.

If you and the members of your group are able to come then please send us the following information for each person:

- Name of person

- Name of organisation

- E-mail address for correspondence (these will not be distributed to other attendees)

- Will they require accommodation?

- Will they be attending the evening meal on Thursday 21st?

- Do they have any specific dietary or any other requirements?

Details about our project can be found by on the following web site: