NS1: Nano/surface physics I: Atomic Structure

Module title: Nano/surface physics I--Atomic Structure (NS1)

Module convenor: Phil Woodruff (Warwick)

This course is concerned the structural properties of surfaces. As this is the first course in the 'nano/surface physics set of modules it includes a brief introduction to some of the general issues of surface science but then concentrates on structural aspects. The first part of this is a brief review of some of the phenomenology - what kinds of structural effects arise at surfaces and, in very general terms, why. The remaining (bulk) of the course is concerned with laying down the basics of surface crystallography and describing the physical principles and methodology of a range of experimental methods used to obtain this structural information.

A summary syllabus is as follows:
• Why special surface techniques? Surface sensitivity & surface specificity
• Overview of surface structural phenomena: relaxation (especially metals), reconstruction (mainly covalent and ionic solids), adsorption phenomena, reconstruction, structure & bonding
• Methods of surface structure determination: theory and practice
* Diffraction from 2D-periodic systems & comparison with 3D periodicity; Low energy electron
diffraction; Surface X-ray diffraction
* Local electron scattering methods: photoelectron diffraction and surface EXAFS. Elemental
and chemical-state specificity
* Ion scattering methods: Low, medium and high energy ion scattering. Surface and
sub-surface structure
* Scanning Tunnelling Microscopy: why not see where the atoms are? …is seeing believing?
pdf files of the PowerPoint slides to be used in the next 1-2 lectures can be downloaded below. Students should bring printed copies of these documents to the lectures.

In addition to the lecturing sessions 1-7 (11 October to 2 November) shown in the right a 'discussion' or 'workshop' session will be held on Friday 3 December (see session 8 on the right) at which students are invited to raise questions and seek clarification of any of the lectured material.

mixture of 1 hr (Mondays) and 2 hr (Wednesday/Tuesday) sessions
Academic year: 
11/10/2010 - 09:00