QM1: Quantum many-body physics

SM0 Module title:   Quantum many-body physics (QM1)
Module convenor:   Dr Jan Vorberger (Warwick)

The aim of this module is to introduce the basic ideas and techniques of quantum many-body physics, and to apply them to some important systems. The main formalism used is that of second quantization, in which particle creation and annhilation operators are introduced in order to avoid dealing directly with wavefunctions. Second quantization will be developed in some detail in the first lecture, and applied to various systems in the subsequent lectures. Since models for condensed matter systems are usually written as second quantized Hamiltonians, it is important to be able to "read" such a Hamiltonian to understand the physics involved.

Syllabus: (Tentative)
  • Second quantization and occupation number representation.
  • Bogoliubov theory for repulsive bosons: superfluidity.
  • BCS theory for attractive fermions: superconductivity.
  • Jellium model for the electron gas.
  • Phonon gas

Assessment: will be in the form of a completed problem sheet to be handed in at 12th January 2011 (preferably pdf files or similar by email).

2 hours
Academic year: 
08/11/2010 - 11:00