CUDA introductory workshop (Nottingham)

23/11/2010 - 11:00 - 17:00

Do you use MD simulations? Do you do a lot of diagonalizations of
matrices and generally costly operations on large matrices?
Maybe you are interested to learn a bit about CUDA then. A language that
allows you to program graphics cards. The HPC facility at this
university has just installed 4 of these cards, which have in immense
computational power.

You don't know how to use them? Well there will be a hands on workshop
on Tuesday *23rd of November* here in Nottingham giving you a taste of
things, so it makes it easier for you to start playing around with it.
There will be a seminar mainly concerning MD simulations, but it may
also be interesting to see if some of the techniques could be applied to
your problems, in the morning 11-1 in Cripps A103. A break for lunch,
which will be provided. Then in the afternoon there will be a hands on
workshop to play with some example code to give you a basic idea where
to start with things. This will take place in Pope A24.
If you are interested please sign up here:

Antonia Mey