CM2: Theoretical Quantum Magnetism

Module title: Theoretical Quantum Magnetism (CM2)

Module convenor: Dr. Martin Long (Birmingham)

This course is three courses which cycle through three years. The three
course contents are....

Module title: Theory of High Temperature Superconductivity

The point to this course is NOT to solve the problem but to employ the problem
as a vehicle for introducing the basic techniques for modeling and
remodeling condensed matter systems. The course comes in eight parts

(1) Basic Modeling
(2) Wannier orbitals
(3) Operator perturbation theory
(4) Projection operators and quantum spins
(5) Zhang-Rice Singlets: Exact
(6) Impurity theory
(7) Zhang-Rice Singlets
(8) Quantum spins and superconductivity?

although the last section is very sketchy. The course is assessed through
eight problems which are tackled DURING the course.
The problems involve
"Schrieffer-Woolf and heavy fermions."
and the course is quite mathematical...

Module title: Theoretical Quantum Magnetism

The point to this course is NOT to give an introduction to the experiments and
NOT to focus on one dimension, but to give an overview of what might happen
when classical magnetism fails and more interesting quantum states are
preferred. The course comes in seven parts

(1) Classical magnetism
(2) A single quantum spin
(3) Many quantum spins
(4) Jordan-Wigner
(5) Dimer phases
(6) Trimer phases
(7) Shastry-Sutherland

Academic year: 
22/02/2011 - 13:00