MM3: Statistics for (particle) physicists

Module title: Statistics for (particle) physicists (MM3)

Module convenor: Dr. Jonas Rademacker (Bristol)

Module aims:

Equip students with the statistical knowledge and skills to perform sophisticated data analysis in particle physics experiments

Learning objectives:

Be able to understand how to display and describe data using statistics, and how to extract information from data, such as physics parameters by performing fits. Understand the concepts of confidence and uncertainty, and be able to calculate confidence limits and parameter uncertainties.


Displaying and describing data (histograms, bar charts, mean, variance, moments) 2 and more dimensional data: Correlation and covariance Basics of Probability Likelihood and chi^2 fitting Confidence limits and uncertainties Baeysian vs Frequentist Monte Carlo studies (incl event generation, MC integration, pull studies)

Lecture Notes

Click here for the lecture notes, and here for the same notes, except that animations don't produce multiple slides (better for printing, saves trees). You find the problem sheet for the course at this link. My solutions to the problems can be found here.
Academic year: 
10/01/2012 - 11:00