SM3: Physical Biology

Module title: Physical Biology and application to Medicine (SM3)

Module convenor: Cyril Rauch (Nottingham)

The emergence of soft matter has had important implications not only in the field of physics but also in biology. Soft matter denotes polymers, gels, self-assembled surfactant structures, colloidal suspensions, and many other "complex" fluids. These systems are strongly fluctuating but can nonetheless exhibit diverse phases with remarkable long-range order. In the last decade there has been a renewed interest in biology at the molecular scale as biological systems are composed by the same type of matter. A natural extension of biology is medicine and there is now enough evidence that physics will have a greater impact in this field allowing a better understanding of diseases. This course will cover the last important developments in this field. The course will start with a short introduction to the epistemology biology and medicine (to clearly understand the main scientific aims in these fields) followed by an introduction to cell structure. The course will then develop the physics of the cell membrane, cell skeleton, molecular motors and application to medicine.

Academic year: 
07/05/2012 - 10:00