AS2: Astrophysical Techniques

Module title: Astrophysical techniques (AS2)

Module convenor: Danny Steeghs and Peter Wheatley (Warwick)

This module concerns astronomical observing techniques, encompassing
facilities across the electro-magnetic spectrum. Relevant detector and
instrumentation technology will be described as well as commonly used
data reduction and calibration methodology. The aim is to offer
an overview that will raise awareness of techniques and observational
opportunities beyond the immediate research goals of each student.
This should allow students to appreciate the complementary strengths
of observations with different techniques and in different wavebands.

Key topics:

Observing strategies and constraints
Observing in the optical-IR
X-ray and gamma-ray astronomy
Radio / sub-mm
Data archive mining

There will be some hands-on demonstrations of specific software
packages during the lectures, although the aim is not to teach
detailed data reduction recipes. Students will be asked to consider
several real-world examples to identify appropriate facilities and
techniques and perform some basic data analysis tasks.

2 hs
Academic year: 
15/11/2013 - 11:00